I am the Lord;

that is my name;

    my glory

I give to no other,

     – Isaiah 42:8

This year’s Training Grounds Conference will focus on the names of God “What’s in a Name?” God has revealed Himself to His creation in some many ways and each name by which He is called tells us just a little more about Him and His glory. Ultimately, our hope is that in teaching children about each name of God they would come to understand Him more and put their trust in the One Who came as the Savior.

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The teaching here is the most important aspect of Training Grounds. The children that come and attend this conference may enjoy the food, the crafts and the games, but our prayer is that the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will affect their lives forever.


Children always enjoy the activities and games that are planned here during Training Grounds. These are fun events that take place right here at Ventura Baptist Church and allow the children to interact with one another and compete for team prizes.


Crafts is a fun and creative time where children work at stations and construct paper crafts and images of what they are learning. Many times these crafts are a way for children to show and explain to their parents what they learned at Training Grounds.


Who doesn’t love food? At Training Grounds kids will be treated with ice cream and snacks throughout the conference. We will also be enjoying our Saturday picnic with all of the children at Noon and welcome parents and family to please join us for this lunch.